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Merk: Hobbywing Model: HW30603003
Hobbywing UBEC 10A V2 Car, 6.0V /7.4V /8.4V AdjustableDe UBEC gebruikt een krachtige DC-DC-schakelmodule die zijn spanning haalt uit 2-6S lipo's. De module regelt de spanning naar een vooraf gedefinieerde waarde die vereist is door de ontvanger of andere elektronische apparaten.Dit is extreem s..
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Merk: Hobbywing Model: HW30606000
Hobbywing BEC 25A UBEC ESC for 3-18sWith the Hobbywing UBEC 25A HV you supply your receiving system safely and efficiently with power from a connected LiPo battery of 3 - 18s. A big advantage of the Hobbywing UBEC is the option of selecting the output voltage for the servos used. This is adjust..
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Excl. BTW:€ 72,69
Merk: Hobbywing Model: HW30608000
Hobbywing BEC 10A HV Air UBEC Regler for 3-14sThe UBEC uses a high-performance DC voltage regulator with switching module that draws its voltage from 3-14S LiPos.With it the regulator gives out 10A extremely stable or for a short amount of time 25A.Therefore this UBEC provides power for all kinds of..
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