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    This is a non-contact infrared thermometer specifically designed for use with R/C engines, electronic speed controllers, motors, battery packs, battery chargers and etc.  Simply aim the infrared thermometer at the ..

€ 39,95
Excl. BTW: € 33,02

Lader Q200 AC/DC 2x100W 2x50W LiPo 1-6S 10A

SKYRC Q200 is a quattro charger with four independent circuits which can charge four different kinds of batteries simultaneously. It also supports power distribution in AC mode to get max charging power to shorten charging time. What's more, users could set the terminal voltage by themselv..

€ 184,95
Excl. BTW: € 152,85

SkyRC 12-18V EFUEL 30A Power Supply

SkyRC 12-18V EFUEL 30A Power Supply..

€ 134,95
Excl. BTW: € 111,53

SkyRC B6 Lite Multi Chemistry Charger/D ischarger

SkyRC B6 Lite Multi Chemistry Charger/D ischarger..

€ 54,95
Excl. BTW: € 45,41

SkyRC B6 Nano Duo Charger

The SkyRC b6 Nano Duo offers all the usual charging and discharging modes such as charge, ballance charge, fast charge, storage and discharge as well as the use of various cell technologies LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Lilon/NiMH/NiCd/PB.The SkyRC Nano B6 Duo has an integrated power supply and provides a total ch..

€ 164,95
Excl. BTW: € 136,32

SkyRC B6 Nano Multi Chemistry Charger/Discharger

SkyRC B6 Nano Multi Chemistry Charger/Discharger..

€ 69,95
Excl. BTW: € 57,81

SkyRC Brushless motor analyzer

SkyRC Brushless motor analyzer..

€ 99,95
Excl. BTW: € 82,60

SkyRC EFUEL 1200W Power Supply

SkyRC EFUEL 1200W Power Supply..

€ 334,95
Excl. BTW: € 276,82

SkyRC iMAX B6AC v2 Professional Balance Charger/Discharger

SKYRC B6AC v2 is the upgraded version for well-known IMAX B6AC v1. Compared with B6AC v1, it is more accurate and stable and also has some new features and functions. Users could set the terminal voltage by themselves and connect it to PC for PC control and firmware upgrade. What's more, users ..

€ 64,95
Excl. BTW: € 53,68

SkyRC LED Pit Light (Black)

SkyRC LED Pit Light (Black)..

€ 49,95
Excl. BTW: € 41,28

SkyRC LiPo Pal

SkyRC LiPo Pal..

€ 21,95
Excl. BTW: € 18,14

SkyRC Motor Cooling Fan

The SKYRC twin motor cooling fan with housing fits 1/5 scale motor with diameter of 55mm and power connector can plug directly into any open channel of the receiver or BEC, it can reduce the temperature of the motor quickly and get the motor as cool as possible.Pushing your 1/5 scale car to the limi..

€ 12,95
Excl. BTW: € 10,70

SkyRC Tire Sander (Black)

SkyRC Tire Sander (Black)..

€ 64,95
Excl. BTW: € 53,68

ARES Pro 1/10 BL Sensor Motor 21.5T,1760KV

ARES Pro 1/10 BL Sensor Motor 21.5T,1760KV..

€ 69,95
Excl. BTW: € 57,81



€ 26,95
Excl. BTW: € 22,27


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€ 19,95
Excl. BTW: € 16,49



€ 9,95
Excl. BTW: € 8,22

SkyRC BD200 Battery Discharger/Analyzer

Test and select your batteries. SKYRC gives you the tool with the BD200. Real-time display of battery voltage, discharge capacity and discharge current.Activate your batteries or bring your batteries quickly to storage voltage. Max. 200W discharging power or max. 30A discharging current sa..

€ 79,95
Excl. BTW: € 66,07

SkyRC Engine Heater

The SKYRC engine heater uses technology similar to that used by Formula 1, Indy Car and NASCAR Teams! It will properly pre-heat your engine to 60-70°C in 10 minutes based on ambient temperature.SKYRC engine heater will pre-heat all the critical parts of your nitro engine, giving you a minimal of str..

€ 25,95
Excl. BTW: € 21,45

SkyRC laadstation PC1080W voor Multicopter

SkyRC PC1080 is a dual channel 6S LiPo charger for industrial application drones. It is reliable, safe and easy to operate while with comprehensive functionality, like battery voltage meter, internal resistance meter, LiHV charging mode, also the time saving synchronization mode.Input Voltage 1..

€ 289,95
Excl. BTW: € 239,63

SkyRC MC3000 Charger Analyzer for 4xAA/AAA DC 4A

Internal Accuracy**(calibrated w/ accurate calibration source)Voltage: < |±2mV|Current: < |±2mA|Battery Type: Lithium-Ion / LiIo4.35 / LiFePO4Charge current: Max. 3A (x4 slots)Discharge current: Max. 2A (x1 slot)Max. 1A (x4 slots)Display ResolutionVoltage: 0.01VCurrent: 0.01AEffective CoolingT..

€ 129,95
Excl. BTW: € 107,40

SkyRC NC1500 AA/AAA Battery charger / Analyzer

Charging batteries is usually a primitive, boring and mundane activity, and it still is. What matters during the charging process, especially for AA/AAA NiMH battery charging? No doubt, accuracy and safety!The creation of NC1500 not only arises out of the need but also from the desire to have a..

€ 29,95
Excl. BTW: € 24,75

SkyRC NC2600 Charger Analyzer for 4xAA/AAA

SkyRC NC2600 Charger Analyzer for 4xAA/AAA..

€ 99,00
Excl. BTW: € 81,82



€ 12,95
Excl. BTW: € 10,70